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Swabbing Equipment

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Pressure Control

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Accessory Tools

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Drilling, Milling & Cutting Tools

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Repair & Remedial Tools

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Wireline Equipment

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Power Swivels

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Anti-Slip Rig Floor Safety Matting

Drill Floor Traction Matting

A two-component custom blend of polyol polyurethane with embedded traction surface to withstand invert and other fluids encountered during the drilling process.

Drill Pipe & Tube Racking Mats

Designed for use in the setback area for racking multiple stands of drill pipe during drilling operation. This matt is a uniquely designed for improved traction and pipe thread protection.

Roll Up Traction Matting

This product is designed to be used anywhere, on any surface for foot traction or as traction for getting your vehicle moving again. This portable product is a quick and easy way to get traction in seconds.

Tubing Stabbing Matting

Designed to contain fluids while protecting threads on racking tubing and drill pipe.

Casing Float & Cementing Equipment

Casing Accessories

Successful primary cementing requires centering of the casing, casing movement, and a properly conditioned hole. Our Scratches condition the hole by removing mud cake from the face of formation to ensure a good cementing bound and to prevent channeling. They also contribute to the even distribution of the cement slurry and the achievement of a complete fill.


Offering easy installation and excellent casing centralization for vertical, deviated and horizontal wells, hinged non-welded bow spring centralizers are available for all standard casing/hole sizes.

Float Equipment

Most common Float shoes are supplied with a plunger valve.

Stage Cementing Tools

Mechanical Stage tool allows cementing of casing string in two stages. These tools set the standard for reliability, cost effectiveness, and ease of use with outstanding built-in features and quality.

Combination Plugs are provided with different sizes of Rubber Fins which help in wiping on the casing walls as well as assist in displacing the cement in one step. It is made of graded rubber.

Flow Control

Check Valve

Check Valve Top Entry

Check valves are used to isolate well-servicing equipment from high-pressure treating fluids during fracturing applications. Offered in three primary models, these rugged valves seal against a complete range of well-servicing fluids at pressures to 20,000 psi. Valves are available in 1-1/2 to 4-inch bore sizes for standard and reverse flow. Sour gas models available. Consult factory for configurations. Like all pressure containing products, Weco check valves require special handling 

Flowback Manifold

The 8-station manifold skid with Safety Iron connections provides users with a manifold system utilizing many of the design features of manifold trailers in a more compact footprint for use in regions where transport of larger manifold trailers is challenging. The manifold skid can be transported and loaded/unloaded from a flatbed trailer utilizing a winch. The modular design of the skid, coupled with the high pressure iron mounted above the low pressure manifold greatly enhances the serviceability of the high pressure system during maintenance cycles. The lower profile of the high pressure iron also increases safety for the user as actuating the isolation valves can be achieved more efficiently. 

Hammer Unions

Canam offers a variety of Hammer Unions. Check out our Specsheet.

Hose Loops

Cementing and circulating hoses can handle a complete range of standard and sour gas fluids at cold working pressures up to 15,000 psi. These rugged, all-steel hoses are available in 1 to 3-inch sizes and configurations to meet virtually any need. All materials meet ASTM or AISI standards. 

Integral Fittings

Canam offers a full line of high-pressure integral union connections in a broad range of configurations and sizes from 2” through 4” and in pressure ratings to 15,000 psi NSCWP. Manufactured from high strength alloy steel forgings, integral union connections are available in lateral, tee, wyes, elbows, longsweep elbows and cross configurations. 

Plug Valve

Plug valves feature quality components for dependability, minimum weight, and maximum strength. The plug valves act as quarter-turn isolation valves, allowing operators to isolate portions of their flow line or specific pumping units from the entire pumping system in order to address pumping, operational or maintenance requirements. 

Pressure Relief Valve

In the pressure pumping industry, there is an inherent level of danger surrounding treating lines operating at high pressures. The potential for over pressure events exists, which could result in catastrophic failure of the treating line and result in SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, DEATH, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. In order to avoid this type of failure, relief valves are commonly used on pressure pumping sites. Relief valves function by relying on the system’s hydraulic pressure to overcome a preset force in the valve, which then expels fluid through an outlet. Weir offers a variety of relief valve styles to help protect against over pressurization. 

Pup Joints

Up to 20,000 psi cold working pressure; 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3, and 4-inch bore sizes, lengths to 20 feet.

Swivel Joints

Swivel joints are available in nine basic styles or configurations. These styles permit 360-degree rotation and movement in one, two, or three planes. They can be combined in an unlimited variety of ways to suit practically any installation. All swivel joints are assembled using two or more standard pieces. Available in all grades.

High Pressure Mud Lines

High Pressure Hoses

Canam offers Liquid Mud 500 PSI and Mud Pump Suction Hose

Mud Line Valves

Canam offers both Demco & Oteco Style 5K Mud Gate Valves for your applications.

Stand Pipe & Manifold Fittings

Standpipe manifold fittings are available for both standard pressure and high-pressure mud manifolds. There are six standard configurations which are prepped for standard butt weld connections. However, configurations and end connections are available on request.

Pipe Handling Tools

Air Slips

The Model B, C and CHD tubing spiders are for single string applications. Each design has its own load capacity and tubing size range. The inserts provide 360° support for the tubing.

Casing Handling Tools

Canam offers various Casing Handling Tools. Check out the specsheets below.


Canam offers Aluminum Drifts, Steel Drifts, Nylon Drifts, and UHMW Drifts.

Hydraulic Power Tongs

Key Points of the hydraulic tubing & casing we can offer are :

  • Two jaw biting system with wraparound dies for 7-5/8″ and smaller
  • Three jaw biting system with 6 dies for casing tongs 9-5/8″ and larger
  • Built in spring hanger for movements during makeup or breakout with adjustable tong leveling system
  • Two position hi-low torque speed control
  • Efficient high torque hydraulic vane motor
  • Optional door safety interlock available
  • Modular handles that can be placed to suit customer

Pressure Control

Accumulator Closing Units

CANAM Accumulator Closing Units

An accumulator closing units is a well pressure-control system typically incorporate enough accumulator capacity to enable the blowout preventer to be operated with all other power shut down.

API Valves

Canam offers a large inventory of API valves. Whether new or remanufactured, our valves are guaranteed to be 100% interchangeable with the original equipment manufacturers.

BOP Test Pump Assemblies

Canam offers High Pressure Test Units in Pneumatic and Electric designs for testing up to 30K in many different configurations designed to Test BOP Stacks, Valves, Choke and Kill Lines, etc. We have many different options of our design which include Self Contained, Portable, Oilfield Skid Mounted, etc. We also offer Dual Manifold for Low/High Testing. All of our Test Units are manufactured in the USA at our facility and constructed of USA Koomey Type Parts.

Choke & Kill Manifolds

Choke and kill manifolds provide control of flow back or treatment fluids. The choke and kill manifold system consist of high-pressure valves, chokes, pressure sensors, connecting blocks, spool spacers, buffer tanks, flanges, and instrumentation configured together.

Drilling Spools & Double Studded Adaptors

Canam offers adapter spools, spacer spools, drilling spools, riser and diverter spools in accordance with API 16A requirements. Each spool can be specially manufactured to meet height requirement needs, number of outlets and orientation.

We also stock a wide variety of Double Studded Adapters (DSA). They enable the user to transition from one size and pressure to another. Most sizes and pressure rating configurations are in-stock for immediate shipment.

Rig Instrumentation

Chart Recorders


12” circular chart recorders are built to operate in the most rugged of climates. They have proven to be extremely dependable and are available in numerous configurations. Recorders come in wither truck mount configurations or portable configurations to meet every demand. All recorders are available with carious clock options and pressure ranges. Dual Pen recorders are capable of recording two pressure inputs simultaneously.

Drillers Console


Drillers Consoles come in many shapes and configurations. Whether your requirements call for a simple weight indicator box or a full stainless steel console – the order can be handled in short order. Quality is the key to customer satisfaction, and ensure that product is delivered in a timely manner.

Hydraulic Rotary Torque System


Designed specifically for rigs using a drive shaft-style rotary table. The system displays a relative indication of rotary torque to alert drillers of changes in the drilling parameters to help avoid twist-offs. (Rotary torque systems for rigs that use a chain drive rotary table are also available.

Pump Pressure Gauges


Pressure gauges are designed to provide long lasting, accurate and dependable readings. No matter what your application we have the gauge to fill your needs, from a brass bottom mount to a SS center back mount.

Pump Stroke Counters


From battery-operated single-display models to powered multi-display units, we offer a variety of styles and models of pump stroke counters to accommodate any application.

Sandline Depthometer


Easy to use and maintain, gives operators accurate readings of sandline depth.

Hand held Sandline Depthometer’s help operators avoid situations that can cause damage to their sandline and possible safety issues with sandline. Mechanical Depthometer’s can be used to workover rigs, casing set rigs and mining coring rigs. Each Depthometer comes in either Metric or English readings.

An optional floor mount bracket is available.

Torque Systems


Tong Torque Systems accurately indicates torque applied to oilfield tubulars as they are run thereby reducing under and over torqueing which can cause tubular failure. Each system consists of a hydraulic load cell (tension or compression type), shackles (on tension type models), hose assembly, 6″ fluid filled gauge with damper assembly and recharge kit consisting of hand pump, and 1 liter of all-weather instrument fluid.

Wireline Anchors


Full line of all-weather, quality-built deadline anchors pull capacities from 30,000 to 100,000 pounds. Constructed with top-quality steel and proof-tested to 120% of rated capacity, Deadline Anchors are highly accurate, super-strong anchors of exceptional reliability. Anchors are for use with 16” Weight Indicator Series and Load Sensors.

Swabbing Equipment

Hydraulic Hand Pump


We offer two models of Hydraulic Hand Pumps for use with Oilsavers and Packoff Heads. The standard pump and our new model with a field-replaceable carriage.

Oil Saver


Western Silverline’s Type HD Oil Saver, with either a Brass Body, or Stainless-Steel Body, offers double line stripping. The Type HD has a longer body than the Type H, and has two complete sets of stripper rubbers, and brass bushings. It has a 1″ NPT drain connection between the rubbers and is rated at 1500 psi working pressure.

Oil Saver Rubbers


Our Oil Saver Rubbers are available in various types and sizes. These Rubbers are known for their durability and long-lasting performance.

Rod Jar


Our North American manufactured Rod Jars make for safer swabbing by allowing a 30″ stroke to loosen the accidentally stuck swabs. The large ports allow for free circulation, preventing sanding up.

Rope Sockets


Rope Sockets provide a strong, and simple connection between the wire line, and the sinker bars. The swivel permits the swab to turn freely under load and the body is provided with fishing neck grooves.

Sinker Bar


Manufactured from 4140 HT TG material, we provide our customers with high quality Sinker Bars from stock.