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Twister Driveheads

TW-25 Twister Drivehead


The TW-25 is the smallest of our Twister driveheads but it can still do the job. With its compact and solid design it is easy to maintain out in the field and requires little training for operations personnel.

TW-30 Twister Drivehead


The TW-30 Twister Drivehead is our most popular, with the same compact and solid design as the TW-25 model but with a manual external friction brake and regular gear oil rather than synthetic oil. With the regular gear oil this brings down the maintenance costs while having a long service life no matter the temperature.

TW-50 Twister Drivehead


The TW-50 Twister Drivehead is the biggest Canam Carries while we were still able to keep a compact and solid design, with no hydraulics or adjusting elements. On this heavy duty drivehead the centrifugal backspin retarder engages at 250 rpm for fast and complete fluid damp. The TW-50 uses synthetic oil, the same as the TW-30 to ensure a long service life in all climates.

Twister PC Pumps

PCP Applications


PCP Systems can be used for various applications such as Heavy oil, Medium oil, sweet light oil, Dewatering coalbed methane, water source wells and evaluation/testing of new areas.

PC Pump Options


Canam provides various options on our PC Pumps to ensure that our pump does the job you need it to as efficient as possible. Such as selecting the elestomer specific to your well condition to maximize the run time and performance of your PC Pump. Or choosing the extended rotors available to help break up obstructions at the pump intake and allows the producer to have a rod lift program while still using all stages of the PC Pump.

Even-wall PC Pumps


Our most popular pigPROTM the base Model 57-0000 is a visual flag indicator with manual reset. It includes a thread mounting nipple, standard lower housing with fluorocarbon O-Rings, hemispherical plunger with a flag assembly.

Standard PC Pumps


Standard PC Pump Systems are known for their simple installation and quiet operations out in the field. As well as very little maintenance to be done to the PC Pump systems once they are running. The Standard PC Pump systems has many more advantages over other artificial lift systems including a high system efficiency which can go up to 85% without gas and low operating costs.

Other PCP System parts