Canam provides Quality Products by Quality Individuals.

Established in 1990, Canam Pipe & Supply is made up of a team of individuals – in both Western and International locations –  committed to servicing our customers with integrity and quality. We are built on a foundation of excellence, trusted relationships and international experience. The entire Canam team is dedicated to providing ultimate customer satisfaction.

See “Our History” for a look at Canam over the many years.

Our History

1989 — Canam Established

Canam Pipe & Supply was built on a tenacious drive to service Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union better than anyone else. Combating the tumultuous world market and political environment, Canam followed its mandate to be a leader in the global sourcing of oil and gas equipment and products. In the year 1989 we established our first sales office in Moscow, Russia.

1990 — Canam Expands Client Base

In 1990, the Soviet Union itself began to unravel. Its own constituent republics began to issue declarations of independence. Canam Pipe & Supply took this opportunity to expand its presence in the former Soviet Union (FSU) and expanded our client base to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Poland, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Romania, and other FSU Republics.

1991 — First Joint Venture in Russia

Since 1989 when Canam Pipe & Supply established our first office in Moscow, we have faced world changing events, cultural recall and adversity.  It was also important for us to respect the country’s history and culture while surviving the ever-changing business atmosphere in the Former Soviet Union.

In 1991, Canam made history by being a part of the first Western Joint Venture in Russia called White Nights — a fishing tool company based out of Raduzhnyy.

Following the White Nights project, Canam, in 1993, moved its fishing tool operations to Kogolym, for the project called Calgary Overseas, where it was involved in fishing over 250 wells. It was at this time that Canam got involved in the oilfield equipment trading business and successfully secured our first major contract for one million meters of tubing for Calgary Overseas.

1995 — Canam Opens Head Office in Calgary

In 1995 Canam Pipe & Supply established our head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This office was created with the concept in mind to provide western style equipment and services into the Former Soviet Union. Using the established relationships created from the past six years of doing business throughout the FSU from our sales office located in Moscow, Russia.

1996 — Uncertainty in Russia

In 1996, due to Boris Yeltsin’s weak position as President, it created a time of uncertainty, again, in which all Western investment into Russia stopped for six months due to the speculation of the Communist Party’s re-election and the eventual re-election of Boris Yeltsin.

1999 — Canam Establishes Contracts

In 1999, Canam established its first drilling tools rental contract with Shell Temir, which convinced the shareholders that the opportunities in the Caspian Region were worthy of further investment. This initiated the creation of Caspian Downhole Services (CDS) a downhole tool rental, repair and service center, which is still today the only API service center in Kazakhstan or Russia. CDS was established with no contracts from the operators in the region, just the will to succeed. Canam was instrumental in consolidating all the equipment from around the world, as well as shipping, documentation and custom clearance to establish CDS. The facility was operational within eight months, which was remarkable for the time and conditions. Upon completion, the facility was inspected and approved by Tengizchevroil (TCO) and OKIOC (Agip KCO), and long-term drilling tool rental contracts were established.

In an attempt to promote more local business, the Kazakhstan government implemented a monthly report system to record all operators’ purchases from locally registered Kazakhstan companies.  Recognizing the opportunity, Canam registered an office in the Atyrau Oblast and established Canam Pipe & Supply LLP (Kazakhstan) in 2000. This local presence allowed Canam to offer customers Incoterm DDP service, eliminating some of the issues related to logistics and customs

2003 — Canam Opens Atyrau Branch office in Kazakhstan

In 2003 Canam Pipe & Supply opened our first office in Kazakhstan to better serve our clients within the Caspian Sea area. After constantly working with clients within this region Canam determined it was in our better interest to put our feet on the ground in Atyrau, Kazakhstan with a local employee base to help overcome the language barrier.

2004 — Canam’s Resurgence

In 2004, the ownership and shareholders of Canam changed, adding a new and regenerated focus on growth and development of the company.To gain better access to some of the main supply bases, Canam opened an office in Zaporizyia, Ukraine and moved our office from Atyrau to Almaty for our growing client base in Kazakhstan. Canam also expanded its network for logistics coverage ensuring our customer worldwide that we have no limits of where we are willing to go for customer satisfaction, with the intent to reduce time and costs, and becoming more competitive than ever.

2005 — Canam Opens Office in China

In 2005 Canam opened a manufacturing plant in Changzhou, China as a key supply source to support direct sales in Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. With a local manufacturing point in country we where able to provide products with better delivery times, prices and more competitive freight costs to our customers overseas.

2007 — The Beginning of our Twister Line

In 2007 Canam opened our Romanian branch to improve relationships with our Eastern European manufacture and to oversee the manufacturing of our new “Twister” Progressing cavity Pump Systems product line. Mainly focusing on our TW-25, TW-30 & TW-50 PCP Drivehead models to rival the current PCP manufacturers. Our Twister Driveheads would be more cost effective than our competitors while keeping the same quality.

2008 — Twister Operations Moved to China Office

In the year 2008 the Twister operation previously located within Romania was moved to our manufacturing point in Changzhou, China. This move was due to the fact that the euro was getting stronger making it less cost effective to manufacture within Europe. Moving the operations to China allowed Canam to keep our competitive pricing against our competitors.

2009 — Canam Registers Avista

In the year 2009 Canam had created our Russian registered company by the name of Avista in the Kaliningrad Region. To utilize a free zone, accommodating our customers in Russia strengthening our business relations within the country.

2015 — Canam Expands to Turkey

In 2015 Canam had set up an agent in Istanbul, Turkey to solidify relations within the region while searching for new avenues and opportunity throughout the country, strengthening our worldwide presence.

2018 & Beyond — Solid Plans for Future Growth

Canam’s focus for 2018 and forward is to establish a larger sales network of people and agents, to better service and expand our customer base. We will introduce our version of e-business, to further broaden our service to our customers. In doing so, we will provide them with more product information, specials and feature products to better assist in refining their operations and reduce associated costs. Canam will form key alliances with suppliers and manufacturers, as well as broaden our source of supply from key regions of the world.


We are a Solution Provider.

Canam Pipe & Supply is respected for supplying quality products from anywhere, to anywhere. Each of our client’s needs are unique. Our extensive expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions for each of those needs.

We have long-established associations with manufacturers in:

  1. Eastern & Western Europe,

  2. North America,

  3. Southeast Asia,

  4. China,

  5. Middle East and the former Soviet Union.

Our experienced team have first-hand knowledge of the global market and best practices for purchasing and shipping equipment to strategic locations. Reputed for successfully serving a global market, our awareness of required exporting documentation has continually saved our customers time and money with customs clearance and international procedures.

We have a Global Perspective.

Our extensive history in the FSU and area have provided years of accumulated international experience. We know the world is more globalized than ever and it’s important to understand the rich international exchange of goods and the intricacies attached to buying and moving them.

Why this matters?

We have the experience and expertise to make your life easier. Our strong international relationships and exceptional service ethics are a testament to why we have successfully served our clients for so long. 

Proven to be reliable and fair priced, Canam is trusted for its buying, logistics and long-standing relationships with noted global manufacturers and suppliers. Our complete, seamless service provides quality assurance and mitigates your risk. Canam handles all financial aspects of the sale including:

  1. payments

  2. shipping

  3. customs

  4. brokerage

  5. documentation

  6. certification, etc

We are Local.

This equates to added Value for the Long-Term
Canam recognizes the changing requirements of its customer base and the need for increased local content, productivity and competitiveness. In response, Canam Pipe & Supply has registered local companies in Kazakhstan, China, Ukraine and Russia, to provide foreign oilfield equipment through locally registered companies. Representing a large number of major manufacturers allows Canam to supply a complete range of equipment to support all aspects of the oil and gas industry.


We provide an Essential Service.

Because we do everything. This includes support services for In-field Installation, Lift Contractors. inventory Management, and Consultancy and Personal Services. 


Installation, Quality Equipment & Technical Support
At Canam we are committed to assisting operators make the right product selection that will provide built-for-purpose equipment. Our extensive in-house product expertise allows us to offer technical support that leads to added value for worldwide customers.

Our team of employees have training in the specific areas of our representation. We have in-house expertise in Fishing Tools, Pressure Control, Pipe & Threaded Connections, Heating, Artificial Lift, Sand Control and Downhole Completion Tools. We also offer technical presentations that may include the expertise of the manufacturer and infield training. All of the products we represent are approved or licensed by an accredited authority such as: API, ANSI, UL, CSA, ISO or GOST.


Inventory Management

A business’s inventory is one of its major assets and represents an investment that is tied up until the item is sold or used in the production of an item that is sold. It also costs money to store, track and insure inventory. Inventories that are mismanaged can create significant financial problems for a business, whether the mismanagement results in an inventory glut or an inventory shortage. Canam has inventory control specialists that can help you develop and manage internal inventory systems and are responsible for maintaining accuracy, cycle counting, shipping and receiving, and managing order-picking operations.


Consultancy & Personal Services

Canam has specialists that handle legal, contractual, banking and treasury services.