External Catch- Fishing Tools


Series 10 Sucker Rod Overshots

The Series 10 Sucker Rod Overshot is a small, rugged tool designed for engaging and retrieving sucker rods, couplings, and other items from inside tubing strings.


Series 20 Sucker Rod Overshots

Series 20 Short Catch Sucker Rod Overshots are designed for conditions when sucker rods, couplings, and other portions of a fish are too short for retrieval with a standard overshot.


Hydraulic Release Overshots

The Hydraulic Release Overshot was designed to aid in the recovery of a stuck fish in a horizontal drilling application where normal rotation for release is not obtainable.


Series 70 Short Catch Overshots

The Series 70 Short Catch Overshot is designed for conditions when the fish is too short to be engaged with a standard overshot.


Series 150 Releasing & Circulating Overshots

The Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot consists of three main external parts: a Top Sub, a Bowl, and a Guide. Internal catch and pack-off parts are determined by the diameter of the fish. Each assembly is designed for a maximum catch diameter.


Series 160 Side Door Overshots

A Series 160 Side Door Overshot is recommended when fishing for cable tools or conductor lines in cased holes. The side door overshot is run in on tubing or drill pipe.


Lead Impression Blocks

A Lead Impression Block is an effective tool used to determine dimensions, configuration, condition, and location of the top end of a fish in the hole.


Rotary Die Collars

Logan Rotary Die Collars are the simplest external catch fishing tools designed for retrieving a fish from the hole. Logan Die Collars are available in two types: Type A and Type B.

Type A

Type A Rotary Die Collars are manufactured with an integral guide. The guide end of the die collar may be specified as flat smooth or cut-lipped.

Type B

Type B Die Collars are manufactured with a threaded bottom end for attaching a standard cut-lipped guide or wallhook guide of your choice.