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Our own progressing cavity pumping (PCP) system, the “Twister”, manufactured by Canam Pipe & Supply.

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Our progressing cavity pumping (PCP) assembly consists of our TW Series Drive Systems, available in a range of from 10–50 HP, plus our line of Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP pumps), in either an “EvenWall” or Standard design, covering a wide range of models and sizes.

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For all of our specifications and additional information, as well as your PCP requirements contact Canam Pipe & Supply.

Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP pumps)

Canam Pipe & Supply also offers a wide range of Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP pumps) in both the “Standard” and the “EvenWall” design as part of our complete line of PCP equipment and assemblies.

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Progressing Cavity Pumps are a widely accepted means of artificial lift; with high production, lift capacity, and system efficiency being a few of the major benefits over other oil and water pumping systems. The ability for PCP pumps to handle sand and viscous fluids make them the best solution for heavy oil production and the high gas oil ratio tolerance is beneficial in pumping mixtures of sand, oil, gas and water.

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Progressing Cavity Pumps are comprised of two parts – a helical shaped steel rotor and a stator. The rotor, which is the rotating internal component of the PCP pump, is normally driven by a rod string. It is precision machined from high strength steel and coated with a wear resistance layer, such as chrome. The stator is attached to the production tubing string and remains stationary during normal operation. It consists of a molded elastomer permanently bonded to the inside of a steel tube. As the PCP pump operates, cavities formed between the stator and rotor move fluid upward in a non-pulsating action from the intake to the discharge of the pump. Pressure builds linearly from the intake to the discharge of the pump providing the necessary artificial lift to produce fluid to surface.

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In addition to our Drive System, Canam Pipe & Supply has available additional accessories to make up your complete PCP System, including the following components:

Integrated Pumping Tee ( IPT )

integrated pumping tee

Stuffing Box

stuffing box

Rod Centralizers

rod centralizers

Torque Anchor

torque anchor

Sucker Rods

sucker rods

Pony Rods

pony rods

Polished Rods

polished rods

Rod Clamps

PolishedRodClamps10-t-1 (2)

Rod Couplings

Rod Guides

rod guides 1  rod guides 2

Variable Frequency Drives ( VFD )

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For all PCP applications, please use the Well Data form included bellow. This will need to be filled out and returned to Canam, so that we can design the proper system for your needs.

WELL DATA FORM (click here to download it)

Please see the attached links for additional information on the “Twister” PCP system and all the available components.

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Sheaves / Bushings / Belts
Polished Rods
Sucker Rods / Drive Rods / Pony Rods
Rod Couplings
Rod Guides
Rod Clamps
Tubing Drains
Swedge Adapter / Tubing & Casing Nipples
Pup Joints
Gas Separators
Prime Mover / Electric Motors
Pump Seating Nipples

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