Conveyor Belt Heaters

In an effort to replace uncontrolled open flames, ineffective electric heaters while eliminating the environmental hazards, complications and the expense of antifreeze applications, our Conveyor Belt Heater was developed. These automated systems for removing frost, ice and moisture from the conveyor belts have been operating consistently throughout mining, quarrying and power generation facilities.

Catalytic Heaters

Catalytic Heaters use natural gas or propane, to produce flameless heat with most of the heat generated as radiant, infrared energy. Since the maximum operating temperature is relatively low (always below 900° F), catalytic heaters are ideally suited for use in many hazardous environments.

Explosion-Proof Heaters

Our series of explosion-proof heaters are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of any heavy industry. This line of heaters thrives in the harsh operating conditions ensuring we are able to provide heating equipment that is safe, reliable, dependable, and available when you need it.