Cartridge Filters

The 3L Filters™ FW Series cartridge filter housing removes particulates from liquid streams, often as a pre-filter ahead of finer particle separation equipment. The standard design is based upon the replaceable spunyarn cartridge, but can be adapted to many filter cartridge designs, configurations and sizes.

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Bag Filters
The 3L Filters™ FC Series single bag filters provide
effective, economical filtration of liquids. Disposable filter bags are available in a wide range of materials and micron ratings to remove particulate matter down to 1 micron.

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Fabricated Basket Strainers
The 3L Filters™ BSF Series fabricated basket strainers
remove gross particles from a liquid stream. The BSF is often used as a pre-filter placed before finishing filtration equipment. A removable stainless steel basket allows easy cleaning and quick change out when heavy particle loading is present.



Activated Carbon Filters
The 3L Filters™ ACF Series activated carbon filters remove dissolved organics from a liquid stream by adsorption. Typical uses include removal of chlorine, dissolved organics, hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons in water treatment systems as well removal of acids in amine treatment systems.



Gas Filter Separators
The 3L Filters™ GFS Series gas filter separators remove moisture, liquid mists, aerosols and contaminants from hydrocarbon gases, including natural gas, propane, butane and methane, using a three-stage design. The first stage removes gross water by impingement on cartridge stools.
The second stage coalesces water using cartridges, with particulate removal down to 0.3 micron. During the third stage, a stainless steel vane mist eliminator removes any remaining moisture. Water collects in the sump to be purged from the system, and clean, dry gas passes through the outlet.




Liquid Filter Separators
The 3L filters Liquid filter separators comes in three different styles which consists of the VV Series, HV Series and the WAL series. Both the VV and HV styles can be used for Water coalescing and filtration of hydrocarbon fuels, such as jet fuel, kerosene, diesel, gasoline and similar liquids. While the WAL style can be used for the same water coalescing and filtration of hydrocarbon fuels, such as jet fuel, kerosene, diesel, gasoline and similar liquids but excels where greater efficiency of water removal is required, such as in jet fuel refuelling cabinets.

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VV Specsheet

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The 3L Filters™ L Series dehydrators provide gross water removal from liquid hydrocarbon fuels to an efficiency of 99%. They employ a variety of replaceable coalescent filter packs to trap particle contamination and coalesce water from the fuel. Free water is collected in a drainage sump.


Clay Treaters
The 3L Filters™ VC Series clay treaters provide removal of surfactants from liquid hydrocarbon fuels and removal of acids or oxidation products from lubrication or hydraulic oils. The VC uses clay canister filtration media to adsorb surfactants, often as a pre-filter.


Fuel Monitors
The 3L Filters™ fuel monitors provide clean, dry fuel in aviation fueling systems. An increase in differential
pressure across the unit or a corresponding decrease in flow rate indicates water and/or dirt is present in the influent fuel.



Easy Access Closures
3L Filters™ offers three closure options to suit a broad range of industries and process conditions including the Thru-Bolt, Swing Bolt and Easy Access Closures. 3L Filters™ closures are designed to save time when opening and closing.



Pressure Vessels
3L Filters™ has over 40 years of experience in the design and fabrication of tanks and pressure vessels.
Our engineering group can perform complete stress and seismic analysis and design registration. 3L Filters™ has registered Quality Assurance Programs for nuclear and non-nuclear applications.

Engineered Products
For over 40 years, 3L Filters™ has designed,
manufactured and tested a wide variety of custom engineered products and complete skid-mounted systems. Our experienced engineering team has created systems for a multitude of markets and customers. We apply our in-house talents to accommodate all aspects of design, from piping and structural to instrumentation and PLC programming. Systems can be designed to meet ASME codes, seismic requirements and military specifications as required. With designs on file from hundreds of successful applications, 3L Filters™ can provide a custom engineered system that is guaranteed to perform to the customer’s specifications.



Replacement Parts and Accessories
To ensure peak performance of 3L Filters™ equipment, use only certified 3L Filters™ original quality replacement parts and accessories. Standard parts are usually available from our stock. Custom parts are fabricated quickly and accurately from our drawings.

Nuclear Products
3L Filters™ designs and manufactures custom engineered nuclear product for CANDU, PWR and BWR Nuclear Reactors. Nuclear Products from 3L Filters™ adhere to a rigorous Quality Assurance program based on ASME Sec. III NCA 4000, with additional requirements of CSA N285.0 for ASME Sec. III Nuclear CL-1, CL-2, CL-3 design and fabrication standards. For non-nuclear components, 3L Filters™ maintains ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 “U” and “UM” stamps. Our Quality Assurance Programs are regularly audited by TSSA, ASME and our clients.