Our exclusive supplier, Apache Pipeline Products releases a new pipeline pigging product.

As the representative of Apache Pipeline Products, Canam Pipe & Supply is pleased to announce that Apache Pipeline Products released a new pipeline pigging product ProVex FD™. It has the ability of removal of liquids in gas lines, removal of wax in crude oil pipelines, de-watering after hydrostatic testing and nitrogen purge. The new introduction of ProVex FD™ is a complement of functionality to the existing Apache Pipeline Products product line.

The ProVex FD™ tool is designed and field proven as the ultimate pig for the removal of liquids in pipeline.  The ProVex FD™ backbone is made of tough, flexible foam. An engineered series of molded channels provide multiple wiping discs. Coating each channel with our durable polyurethane elastomer forms a cutting edge to each disc which facilitates longer runs.

“Canam Pipe & Supply has clear understanding of the business needs of our customers and with support and cooperation from Apache Pipeline Products is responding to the customers with a solid quality product such as ProVex FD™.” said Kevin Mooney, President of Canam Pipe & Supply.

All these features make our ProVex FD™ the most versatile pig in the market today.

Click here to see technical specifications: http://canamservices.com/apache-pipeline-products/foam-pipeline-pigs/