Canam can offer a complete range of high performance innovative float equipment for your downhole cementing operations.  A variety of Float Shoes and Float Collars have been designed for various downhole operating conditions.  The Series 300 and 330 Float equipment uses High Flow (HV) Valves that are designed for increased flow rates.  These valves offer large flow areas across the valve to help reduce valve erosion over the dart portion of the valve.

Only PDC Drillable valves which are offered in Float Equipment ranging in sizes from 4-1/2″ – 20″.  Valves are manufactured with composite materials that have been engineered to provide maximum strength, thus providing excellent wear and temperature properties while still maintaining drillable properties.  While this same material offers durability during the cementing process, the valves are designed for ease of drill out this effectively reduces costly rig time.

Standard features include Float Shoes that offer a composite integral protective nose for casing sizes ranging from 4-1/2″ – 9-5/8″.  While casing sizes of 10-3/4″ – 20″ offer a standard cement nose.

Further options offered upon request include Side Ports, Down Jets, Up Jets, and a selection of Aluminum Noses. Additional optional features include automatic filling valves to allow the casing to fill as it is being run. Conversion of the auto fill valve to a check valve is attainable by pumping fluid at a predetermined rate to convert the valve.

Series 300, 320 and 330 – Float Shoes, Guide Shoes and Float Collars: The Series 300 Float Shoes, 320 Guide Shoes and 330 Float Collars are available in size 4 ½” to 30” casing and for tubing sizes.

Series 304 and 334 – Valve Float Shoes; The Series 304 Float Shoes are designed for demanding downhole applications and are ideal for well bore conditions with severe doglegs, high build rates and extended horizontal runs.  The series 304 selection of float shoes accompanied with one of a variety of aluminum eccentric noses offer downhole solutions when dealing with wellbore conditions that involve ledges or sloughing.  These Float Shoes are specifically designed for reaming and reciprocating applications.  Four styles of noses are offered: Bullet, Eccentric, Space and Cone.

Reaming pads with carbide cutters are offered as an option to enhance the equipment’s functionality when swelling or sloughing is encountered.  The reaming pads are offered in either straight bladed or diamond patterns, of which, both are designed to neutral reaming characteristics, High Flow valves to API 5CT requirements are standard for the 304 Series equipment with high temperature HSN valves available.  Double Valves, Side Ports and Auto Fill options can also be incorporated into the shoes.

Stab-In / Latch-In Series:  Canam offers two series of equipment for inner string cementing operations.

  • The Stab In Series is comprised of the 301 Stab In Float Shoes, the 331 Stab In Float Collar and the 361 Stab In Stinger. The shoes and collars both utilize the HV valve to ensure a positive seal in high pump rate operations.
  • The Latch In series is comprised of the 302 Latch In Float Shoe, the 332 Latch In Float Collar and the 362 Latch In Stinger. The HV valves are also used in this series of equipment.

The stinger receptacle is drillable as it is made from aluminum alloy with composite plastic receptacle available as an option for all series. Double valves are available for both shoes and collars. Side Ports, Down Jets, or Up Jets are also available for all series of inner string equipment.

The inner string cementing equipment is available in size 9 5/8″ to 30″ casing.