Canam Welcomes Russian Partner Ex-Electro to Canada

Ex-Electro is our partner located in Perm, Russia mainly dealing with our Heating Systems product line for the Russia area. With presence in country we are able to eliminate the language barrier and offer door to door service to our Russian Heater customers.

While in Canada, Ex-Electro visited the facilities of our supplier CCI Thermal across the nation to get hands on informational sessions for the full lines of Heating Systems. Including the well-known brands like Norseman, Ruffneck, Caloritech and Cata-Dyne product lines. Ending their trip in Edmonton, AB at the headquarters of CCI Thermal, for a meeting at the Edmonton Oil Kings Game in the new Rogers Centre.

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After the meeting with CCI Thermal, Canam organized  meetings with our other main supplier such as, Apache  Pipeline Products.

apache-logo_web Apache is Canada’s leading manufacturer in Pipeline Equipment which Canam believes could be a very up and coming market in Russia. Thanks to the support of Apache Ex-Electro was able to tour the manufacturing facility, handle the equipment and get a video session on how the equipment works. Allowing them to get a better understanding on the equipment and determine whether it could be used for Russian pipeline applications.

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Bruin Instruments who is another leader in the Canadian market was able to tour Ex-Electro around their manufacturing facility showing how the pumps and pump packages are made. A hands on learning experience on how the pumps work and where/ when the pumps would be used. With all this information Ex-Electro is now able to see if this is another product line that would work in the Russian Markets.